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Brute Force Training Sandbags are the most superior sandbags on the market- chosen specifically by the US Navy for their durability and functionality. Designed for advanced level training for men and women, this sandbag kit is best used for heavier lifting and power movements that give your sandbag training a boost.Free Sandbag Workout App. One of my favorite apps for getting sandbag workouts is by Brute Force. Brute Force has a free app that is available in the Apple and Google Play store. They offer three workouts of the day (WOD) that you're able to track directly on the app. As well as offering challenges or events every so often.

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The Brute Force Strongman Sandbag is the ORIGINAL 8-Handle Sandbag that gives you access to over 300 movements with one piece of equipment. REAL BIG, REAL HEAVY, REAL WORK! Adjustable in weight from 50lbs to 125lbs. Functions best between 75bs and 120lbs.Sandbags for Fitness sandbag workout bag,weights for exercises,exercise & fitness dumbbells,workout sandbag,sandbag workout bag,exercise weights dumbbells,dumbb

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